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Welcome to Levico Lighting!

We thank you for taking the time to consider our lighting fixtures, a purchase that will last you a life time! At Levico we take great pride in offering premium quality products at affordable prices.

Our commitment to quality starts with our state-of-the-art manufacturing process which utilizes the best materials and the finest hand finishing and crafted designer glass.

To ensure we offer the best products in the industry, we have full-time quality inspectors at our manufacturing plants monitoring production, engineered packing to protect the product in transport, and a friendly, helpful customer service and sales team, all of which set Levico Lighting apart from the competition.

It is our goal to continually design and release new product throughout the year, complementing our existing lines to follow fashion and trend changes.

Levico Lighting guarantees complete customer satisfaction as we have absolute confidence in our product and its ability to fulfill your decorating expectation.

From all of us at Levico Lighting, you have our personal commitment to excellence!